What you gain and lose when choosing between tags, links, and folders

Just published two related articles in my Obsidian Beginner’s series. Both revolve around using links, tags, and folders but IS NOT another Here’s-how-I-use-links-and-tags article.

It’s a beginner’s deep dive into what you gain or lose by using one or the other.
I’d love your feedback.

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Good idea to go over the pros and cons of tags, folders, and links. I had a hard time reading the article, but that might be me and being low energy, having a hard time concentrating. Plus, it is a difficult topic to organize a discussion of - no matter how you structure it, there is so much overlap and therefore rabbit holes to follow.

However, even with all that said, I really feel like I learned something, and it made me consider how best I can use all three. (And I do use all three). You pointed out some details I hadn’t considered.

Thank you.

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