What shows up in graph view?

Things I have tried

I am wondering what determines what files end up in graph view?
I’ve imported existing folders (git repos) as vaults. Some times I get a completely cluttered graph with all files showing up. Sometimes I get nothing. If I then add a file and use internal references to point to an existing PDF it suggests the right tags, but the PDF still does not show up in the graph view. Looking at posts on excluding/including folders in graph view it works with the Filter option, but thats not including new files.

What I am trying to do

When adding a file, I can add existing PDFs that show up in the tree structure on the left, but they do not show up in graph view.

Thanks in advance!!

What’s the status of the Preferences → Files & Links → Detect all file extensions toggle?

Thanks for the suggestion. It was toggled off and now I switched it on. But after the restart nothing changed. The files that I am refering to in the text are of the type

This and that paper [[name_of_the_paper.pdf]] contains this and that info.

In fact the name_of_the_paper.pdf is suggested by Obsidian via auto completion. So it seems to know about the file? It just does not crate a link in the graph view.

Also in the preview pane I have a wonderful preview on the papers (cool feature by the way;-)).

It seems to be really about what ends up in the graph. I tried to check out the .obsidian folder but did not undertand what info goes into the graph.json and worksapce.

post a screenshot showing the graph with its settings.

This is the markdown file

And this is the graph view

The structure of the PDF files is generated using papis and resides in a git repo. But that should not matter.

where are these files stored? Are you using some sync services?
What’s in Filters?!?

Oh sorry - Attachments was not klicked on in the Filters section. I am so sorry.

Syncing is done via git. all obsidian infos and the papers are in a git repo.

I actally think this Obsidian is the most brilliant way to manage your papis paper collection :wink:

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