What is your balance of concept-based notes vs content-based notes?

Just so you’re on the same page,

Content note: factual notes, like pythogorean theorem equation or the value of Pi.
Concept note: knowing where the value of Pi comes from

Anyway, I wanted to set up my PKM for concept notes ONLY.

However, I find myself coming across unfamiliar terms that are actually very important for me to know like “first principles learning”.

I think content notes deserve their own note when linking “Zettels” or “evergreen notes” because they can refer to the concept then be of use for further elaboration on a trivial portion that needs to be defined more concretely. Should I make Zettels for both concepts and content notes?

I reaaaally want to avoid turning my PKM into Wikipedia and want to keep all notes to be reusable as ideas and not as cheatsheets

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I am not sure but I think your confusion is in understanding the difference between “structure notes” and “atomic notes”… I don’t know if you have already read it or not, but there is good article on how to create structure notes and atomic notes in the zettelkasten.de website.
“structure note” might be a keyword you would want to use when Googling for the article.

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