What is %% used for?

Things I have tried

I have searched these forums and in other places for the purpose and use case of %%. I have a good handle on YAML frontmatter. But I’ve also seen folks (e.g., Nick Milo) use %% as a type of frontmatter delimiter. These accomplish two different things as far as I can tell. YAML is now the accepted metadata convention, but that information is visible in the note’s preview. %% has other capabilities such as linking relevant notes so that they show up in the local graph. The benefit of using %% is that it is hidden in the preview.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find the most efficient way to create frontmatter. I know YAML is the standard, but how might one use YAML and %% in combination? Or, should they be used in combination? Maybe this is a philosophical question, kind of like tag vs. link. I’m a musician and an academic, not a coder, so I’m sure there’s an actual meaning of %% that I’m missing.

Format your notes or the built-in obsidian help vault explains that %% are used for comments. I suppose one advantage would be that comments can be located throughout your document and can be just a few words within another paragraph, they don’t have to be their own block.

I’m not sure if that really answers your question or not, but you’re free to use whatever works for your needs (yaml or comments or both). There are even other ways to do comments in Obsidian, such as the HTML comment syntax and a LaTeX comment syntax that I don’t remember right now.

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Thank you! The Help vault was the first place I looked, but I clearly have an older copy of the Help vault because the Comment section isn’t in the version of the Format your notes note I have. So thank you for linking to the live version. I didn’t think to look for that.

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