What is this box called and how did I move it?

In the lower right corner of the Obsidian program is a box containing count of backlinks, words, and characters as well as a button that pops up “hide show” when clicked. What is it called? How do I move it so it doesn’t cover other menus that show behind it? For example, the “Advanced Table” option are blocked as shown in the attached image. Also, what does the “hide show” options do? Clicking on them doesn’t change anything on the screen.
troublesome Obsidian window

It’s called the Status Bar. Some themes have Style Settings functions to manipulate it as well. It’s always at the bottom. You decide what you do with it.

By the way, my "Advanced Table” tab defaults to the right sidebar. Yours is – no doubt by choice – down below.
So it is down to you and what your choices you’re making.

You can also set up different Workspaces for different workflows/work area layouts.

Yup, the “status bar”. It looks like this in a new vault using the default theme →

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 23.53.04

The far right icon in your screenshot seems added by a plugin. Is that where you’re seeing the “hide show” option?

You could use this CSS to hide it until hover or try some different theme options as gino_m suggested.

.status-bar {
    opacity: 0;
    transition: 0.2s ease-out;

.status-bar:hover {
    opacity: initial;
    transition: 0.2s ease-out;
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Hi Gino,

Upon reading your comment, I tried 6 different themes: default, Minimal, Blue Topaz, Prism, Things, ITS. Only ITS puts the “Advanced Table” option on the lower right. Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t seem to have a way to change this in “Style Settings”. However, I did add ariehen’s css code and I’m able get to your great plug-in now.


Hello Ariehen,

Adding your code did the trick!

Much thanks!

Not my plugin, Ron.

@RRD2 The icon with the “Hide - Show” button in the statusbar is added by a plugin called “Editing toolbar” you will mostly likely find among your installed plugins.

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Yeah, after a while one doesn’t know what is core functionality and what is added by a plugin.

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