What is the tech stack currently?

What third party libraries are being used? That might give people some ideas.

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It should be easy to inspect the Obsidian app bundle.

I probably can’t name all of them but from the top of my head:

  1. CodeMirror;
  2. D3.js for force simulation;
  3. PIXI.js;
  4. Reveal.js for slides;
  5. markdown-it for parsing;
  6. Moment.js;
  7. MathJax 3;
  8. Pdf.js by Mozilla;
  9. Prism for syntax highlighting.

Out of curiosity, what is PIXI.js used for?

It’s for drawing the nodes and edges in graph view. We used to use d3.js for both force simulation and SVG drawing, but the performance was subpar for thousands of notes. PIXI.js uses WebGL and is way faster.