What is the smallest, lightest device on which you conveniently touch-type notes?

Having my phone mostly as a content consuming device, and my laptop as the primary creation device, I’m looking for something in-between: a device to take with me to meetings, that won’t be as big and distracting as the 15" laptop.
So: what is the smallest, thinnest, lightest device that people use for typing fast, with a keyboard, and can run Obsidian?


typing fast with a keyboard rules out most cell phones, unless you are a skilled thumb typer. I would think a small tablet would be ideal. Obsidian portable works with tablets and cell phones, and will sync with your computer vault, depending on how you set up sync.


Smallest and cheapest would be a Bluetooth keyboard and stand for your phone. Otherwise, a tablet. It’s possible to attain near-normal typing speeds with an on-screen keyboard — see for example Bill Bennett’s experience (but you could also connect a keyboard).

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But needs to be a good one. Most are poor and not worth the money.

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My favorite, which I’ve used for years, is a TextBlade used together with my phone. I could put both devices in my pants pocket, walk into a meeting carrying nothing, and be able to take notes typing at full speed, taking up very little table space. Unfortunately the device never came out of beta, and you can’t get one. :cry:

The next best thing is to build your own custom Bluetooth keyboard, as described in this video. I recently did this, and love it almost as much as the TextBlade. Be warned though, it has multiple steep learning curves, and I wasn’t quite sure I had what it took to design and build it, but it ended up working out just fine. I’d recommend being fairly techie, with familiarity with Git and GitHub though.

Here’s some photos showing the setup, and the size difference.

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I’m using a Logitech K380. It is an excellent typing experience on my iPhone and iPad.

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