What is the most efficient way to move a note

What is the most efficient way to move a note with many attachments to a different vault?

I do this now.
1_ Export the notes to HTML in Pandoc

2_Open it in Google Chrome and save it as complete data on my desktop.

3_Convert the saved HTML to Markdown.

4_Move the folder containing the Markdown and attachments to the target vault.

It would be nice to have a simpler process.
By the way, the above step works fine if the attachment is images, but if the attachment is a zip or something, it doesn’t work at Step 1.

I am unsure what you mean by notebook, and I may be way off base with this suggestion, but if I understand correctly, you want a folder moved to a second vault from your current vault. You can copy or cut and paste the folder to the new location in your file explorer.

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Hi, jwl.
Thanks for your comment.
The way I wrote “Notebook” was wrong, so I changed it to “a note”.
When I describe “a note” as a file, it means a single md file that contains a lot of information about the file’s links in the finder. :drooling_face:

Move all of the attachments to a single folder, and then move that folder with the notes to the new vault? With the file explorer.

The intent of my question is to extract and move only the files associated with that note.

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