What is the 'exclusive dev channel'?

Hello all.

According to the four bullets on the pricing page, one of the benefits of the Catalyst license is access to a development channel.

I’m interested in following Obsidian’s development, and this sounds particularly shiny.

Did I miss any important text when breezing through the license payment process, besides the community badges?

There are three tiers for Catalyst licenses, insider ($25), supporter($50), and VIP ($100). Supporter and VIP can access an exclusive Discord channel where we spend a lot of our time in and sometimes send sneak peeks of what’s coming up. That being said, we’re still active in the other channels, and if you run into something serious, we’ll be there to help.

So I would say it’s something nice to have, but you’re not missing out on features or announcements if you did’t have it.

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Did know about the Discord channel, not that Supporters and VIP had “privileges” on discord. Nice!


Hi Silver. I am all in to Obsidian and after testing a lot I paid for the VIP. But I don’t see the badge on the forum and Discord. How can I link my username? Ward

Thanks for the kind support! Did you fill out your Discord (if you have) username and forum username when you upgraded?

The dev channel is on Discord btw, if you want to chat with us :slight_smile:

Hi Silver. My email address is the same in my local account, forum and Discord. But I have used my Discord password and on the form I have the username Ward with a different password then in my local account. Did I do something wrong? Can you fix it?

Hi Ward, added VIP badge for you on the forum, you should see it right beside your name.

As for Discord – because of Discord protects your privacy, we have no idea what your email is even if you join our server. Do you mind telling me again? Discord username is in the form of “Name#1234”. You can click your name at the left bottom corner (desktop app) to copy it.

Hi Silver. Thanx for adding the VIP badge in the forum. I saw yesterday in my account that I should have send an email to support about the VIP badge. But you are faster :slight_smile:

My Discord username is Ward#8133. How can I access the dev channel on Discord?

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I added the VIP for you on Discord! Special roles let you see hidden channels, which include the insider channel and the VIP channel (technically called “#supporter-vip-lounge”).

Could you arrange the same for me please?
RikD#0619 is my Discord handle.

Silver. Awesome. Thanx. Ward

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Hi, I’ve the same issue, the username is Paolo Santucci#5636