What is the difference between the meaning of the terms Map of Content and Index?

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I want to know what difference exists between the meaning of the terms Map of Content and Index within Obsidian.

My view is that an index is a linear and alphabetical list, and a MOC is two, maybe three, dimensional with a more personal organisation.

I don’t remember seeing the term before Nick Milo (LYT), so I associate it with him. I think this is a reasonable illustration: The Art of Note-Making – The Sweet Setup

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Yeah I agree. I think of MOC are more manual and curated. It’s more about the context and meaning, than a simple index or list.

I would say they are the same ;).

The first time I heard Map of Content it mostly confused me, and I couldn’t find a definition.

Today I would say a MOC is a note that points to other notes. You use them to group, organize, understand, navigate to, etc. whatever you want. They are meaningful to you, and can be visual or based on text, your choice

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