What is the default original English files being used to translate the whole software interface to another language?

I started a long while ago to translate the interface of Obsidian into Arabic.
This is the thread I’ve posted earlier
I stopped for some reason, and now I want to continue.
When I started to translate in the past I did not check the whole translation but just jumped to the places which were not translated and began to translate it.
When I started to continue the translation, I reviewed the whole translation done by other valuable members and realized that some parts were not translated well.
So I am considering translating the whole thing from scratch and hope to finish it this time.
So, I searched for the original translation file that is issued by the obsidian developers that is being used to translate the application to another language.
I guess it is the English version in GitHub, but I just want to confirm that it is the latest updated version and that it is the raw file that is being used for all translations.
English Jason file from github

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Looks like it is only updated up to Obsidian 1.2.7, but you should do it anyway because most strings are probably reused for the latest version. Also in case you haven’t noticed, here’s the current Arabic translation: https://github.com/obsidianmd/obsidian-translations/blob/master/ar.json

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Thanks, @polyipseity for the fast reply.
Yes, I know about this translation version, which I used easier, but I want the raw English language file to translate from scratch into Arabic.
The reason is that for native Arabic speakers, there are several names we consider silly to be used, and it is being used when you use Google Translation or a similar service, so rescanning the whole thing will result in a better meaning.
So is it the one I’ve linked in the 1st post?
Thanks a lot for your valuable time helping me,
Mohamed GadAllah

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