What is a "node", is it always a file?

What I’m trying to do

Hey, I’d like to see sections and subsections of my documents as nodes in the graph.

It looks like nodes are always made for files. This doc doesn’t answer.

How do I plot a graph where nodes are also made for elements of the markdown document, like sections, subsections, points in the list etc, with connections going from a top element to it’s children in the syntax tree.

Also I’d very much like links to be shown as connections.


I’m also rather new here. But from my anlysis there are a small amount of elements that become a node in the graph:
A Tag (with their name as the node)
A File (with their name as the node) (if MIME type matches a specific subset (images and md in my experience thus far))

I would be interested in having more freedom within the graph view too.
I had seen someone use an attribute to hide elements from the graph.

Worst case this behavior should be extendable through a plugin.

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right, I also hope for a plugin

What may be an solution:
I’ve split up my files into smaller files and then bundle them back together in larger files.
This way if I ever want to create a document that doesn’t contain certain elements its (relativly) easy to do so. Copy paste the existing doc that I want to lose things, and remove them.

This has the side effect that each Section is a note itself.

How I achieve this (for now):

![[SectionNoteName|clean no-title full]]

This does require a bit of setup AND the ITS theme (which I find to be fantastic)
As the pipe |clean no-title full] are from ITS theme.
If you don’t want to do it with the ITS theme, there are many other ways to re-style your embeds.

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Right, so our problem is that obsidian allows for creation of arbitrary links, but fixes what becomes a node.

Do I understand you right, that you define yourself what nodes are by making everything you want to be a node into a seperate file (which is a node) and the file you then inline in some summary notes?

I think im going to go the other direction - so write everything in one file, but then compile it into a directory tree mimicking the tree-like markdown structure. Just because I want to make notes on smartphone and editing multiple files on phone is not that comfy. Your option has other advantages

If I actually won’t be lazy this time and make what I want I’ll let you know in this thread.

Notable mention of the “Mind Map” plugin. Unfortunetely it’s not the solution.

Also a note that an in code tag specifying what is a node is not enough because we also want folders to be nodes.

Notable mention of “ExcaliBrain” plugin

Whoops long time since I posted this.

But yes, that is an accurate summary of what I do.
Using the ITS theme I import (usually) the entire ‘node note’ into the main note without any bordering styling.

I’ll have a look at those plugins, they may be useful on my end :slight_smile:

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