What is a good way to create a custom "editing script" available as one command?

Hi Obsidian Community,
I am looking for an elegant way to make the following editing steps available on Obsidian-mobile (Android) with one tap/button/swipe/command.
I have looked quickly at the Templater and Commander Plugins but am still confused about what might be the best/easiest way to proceed here. Can someone nudge me in the best direction, please?
What I want the script to do:

  1. jump with the cursor to the top/beginning_of_first_line of the active/open file (CTRL-Home on my PC)
  2. insert the content of the clipboard there (CTRL-V)
  3. [not essential but would be nice: exit Obsidian]

What approach to this (and similar) task would you recommend?

Thanks for your attention!

1 and 2 are available as buttons on the mobile taskbar. Go to settings → Mobile to customise the taskbar. For 3 you can simply close it like you would close any other android app, maybe after waiting for a couple seconds after editing to ensure that your latest changes are saved.

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