What is a good structure for assets or a clean structure for a workspace vault in general?


this may go into the developing category as well as soft-question but I think it had found a better placement here.

The ObsidianStarterVault by SoRobby has a Vault directory inside and for the assets a data folder with:

  • media
    • banners
    • other image files
  • pinned
  • scripts
    • dataview and javascripts


  • templates
    • for all kinds of things

Especially to the _data_ ( assets ) folder I would like to ask how to correctly enter the folder in the textfield in

Options -> Files and Links -> Default location for new attachments -> Attachment folder path

Is it sufficient to enter /_data_/ here to include all subdirectories as well or is it a comma-separated list that I have to curate myself?

And what about this Vault folder inside the vault folder ? Can someone explain the sense of this to me?


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The structure looks like this when you unzip the file:

└── ObsidianStarterVault-main/
    └── ObsidianStarterVault-main/
        ├── README.md
        └── Vault

You want to use Obsidian’s Open folder as vault option to open the Vault folder. That’s the root of this sample vault. It should look like this in Obsidian:

Screenshot 2024-01-29 151536

It looks like they’ve already set Default location for new attachments to _data_/media, so all new attachments, no matter, the type (.jpg, .pdf, .mov , etc.) will go in there.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 150519


Thanks to you!

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