What happened to the light theme here on the forum?

I had the light theme enabled here on Obsidian forum and now suddenly it seems like it has been disabled, as I can no longer find the setting to enable it.

Would you please enable light theme again?


Second this – please bring back our ability to configure this forum with our own preferences. I know the standard Obsidian shtick is “dark mode everywhere” but it doesn’t need to be forced on us.

We have changed the theme from the default to have more Obsidian Purple. We did light and dark themes, but we’re still trying to work out some issues with the themes and we’re not 100% clear ourselves on what the issues are.

All that is to say that light theme will return as an option, once work out what’s up.

Sorry my bad, will turn it back on!

@Gnopps @anon27868835 Should be able to get it back in “Profile - Preference - Interface” now. Sorry about that!


Perfect @Silver – thank you.

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Works now, thank you!

Not very found of dark themes unless programming :blush:

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