What happened to “Split Right” on iOS? (iPad)

I’m talking about iPadOS version of Obsidian. It works on my Mac. Up until recently I had been able to open a second (or third) document using a long press in the list of files and select “split right.” This option is now gone.

I can find “Split Right” in the command palette, but it doesn’t do anything.

I also can’t find the tabs any more. I feel like this worked yesterday (after I had installed the update with the new interface). I also feel like I’m missing something easy.

Things I have tried

  1. Turned off all themes (I was using the updated Minimal theme).
  2. Looked through help.obsidian.md (these seem to be geared more toward the desktop version of obsidian).

What I’m trying to do

Open two documents side by side.

Thank you.

what’s the full screenshot? are you screen splitting?

Here’s the full screen shot.

With Obsidian, I normally wouldn’t use the iPad’s screen splitting since the Split Right would do it perfectly well. What’s happening in this picture is I’m in a document (the white document on the right) and opened the file browser (dark pane on the left). I long-pressed on a different document from the file browser hoping to get a “Split Right” or “Open Right” but instead see this menu.


which model is exactly your ipad?

iPad 11 (2021 version) running the beta of ipad OS 16.

disable plugins and themes and restart the app. is it still happening?
There’s something wrong with you screenshot. Obsidian is opened in phone mode but you are on tablet.

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Thank you! That worked. I have no idea how I ended up in phone mode.

Obsidian goes into phone mode when used in Split Screen. It sounds like you didn’t do that until after the problem appeared, so this explains nothing, but that’s a way it can happen. (EDIT: to be clear, Obsidian normally exits phone mode when you take it out of split screen.)

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I have used obsidian in split screen mode many times often while taking notes in a zoom meeting or when reading a PDF. At least if it happens again, I’ll know how to fix it. Thank you everyone.

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