What happened to Mara-Li ' s Snippet-Downloader?


I can’t find the Snippet-Downloader no more in the community plugins. Has it been replaced?


The GitHub repo seems to have been archived : GitHub - Lisandra-dev/obsidian-snippet-downloader: A way to manage snippets (download / update) from repository so it’s not maintained anymore I guess.

As for a replacement, I wouldn’t know what to suggest you though …

Maybe one of these could help :woman_shrugging: :


maybe @efemkay could help us and be so friendly as to tell us how to install his great Modular CSS Layout now that we can’t find the Snippet Downloader on the Market Place anymore. Shall we install the snippet downloader through this GitHub - TfTHacker/obsidian42-brat: BRAT - Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool for Obsidian. Part of the Obsidian42 family of plugins. plugin?

Thanks for help.

You can download

Save the file(s) in the YOURVAULT/.obsidian/snippets/ folder. Then in Settings > Appearance -> CSS snippets refresh the snippets folder and enable them.

@coreSpotz et. al, the Snippet Downloader can still be used but one would have to install it via BRAT since it’s not available directly via Community Plugin. I’ve put some notes on how to do that in the MCL docs page (direct link below).

Installation | Modular CSS Layout (efemkay.github.io)

thanks @ariehen for the links to the published css.

the plugin still works as is, so maybe i will try to convince mara li to just leave it be and noted that it won’t be actively maintained at the moment (similar to some of javalent’s plugin).

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Style Importer doesn’t work for me. At the end I have to manually download the css and put it into the folder.

@Mara-Li if you don’t mind can you explain why you archived the plugin?

There are several reason :heart:

  1. I don’t use it: my usage of css snippets needs me to edit the file and custom it too much. The plugin usage needed me to duplicate the file and I have already too much css
  2. The code was old and a mess. Since I created it, I make some progress in TS and programmation in general and I won’t open this cursed code ^^"
  3. I think too much improvement must be done to be good and usable and… To be honest, I’m little bored to do it xD.

For example some that can be done:

  • Auto update at start-up
  • Fusion file (?) “a la git” / external css files to fuse?

Tbh I don’t use a lot external snippets and heavenly edit the one I grab…


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