What EXACTLY is a "registered non-profit organization" please?


I aim to run a non-commercial site, based in the UK. The ‘non-profit’ term is American I believe, and doesn’t apply here.

So how I do register one, to meet the stated criteria? Why do I even need a formal body/company? There’s no tax involved, no accountants.

The site will be very fluid in terms of membership - a ‘wiki’, in fact. Run by volunteers.

There will be costs of course, possibly even payment for services on occasion.

The purpose of the site is to document news items of interest to many, especially in the arena of political activism. An ‘Open Media’ platform. No advertising.

I don’t mind paying a modest fee but $50/user is very expensive, for me/us.


That’s the UK equivalent for non profit. Charities is a bit of a misnomer if you look at the actual allowed scope or the organizations.

The need to have a formal paperwork is to distinguish real non profit from fake ones.


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