What does "Reveal page in table of contents" in the PDF viewer do?

What I’m trying to do

What’s the meaning of this button here? Clicked multiple times and didn’t see any difference.

Things I have tried

Already Googled + search in the docs

I think it works or not depending on if there’s a TOC in the PDF itself.

I’ve got a few PDFs where clicking Reveal page in table of contents does nothing, but clicking on it in the PDF for my air conditioner (67 pages!) shows me the page or section I’m on in the left TOC side panel.

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Thanks! I understand it now. For those who have the same question, I scrolled down to page 168, clicked the command and the Table of Contents on the left side opened and automatically expanded to that section.

Can’t remember if this was a bug in the latest Insider Desktop version that I didn’t see the effect. I have since downgraded so can’t test it now.

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