What does "link with tab" in the more options menu do?

There is a function called “link with tab” in the more options menu that I can’t figure out.

A search of this forum comes up empty, and Google searches aren’t revealing the answer.

When I click link with tab, the edit window turns purple until I click somewhere. Obviously, there’s got to be something else it does.

One of the barriers I’m getting across is answers to simple questions. Link to tab is just an example. It’s not on the Obsidian help, at least as far as I’ve been able to see.

What’s the best way to learn core features not in the documentation?


If you click ‘Link with tab’ on a tab, it lets you select another tab with which the scroll movements will be synced. So if you scroll one tab, the other one scrolls with it. Here is a use case I found on Youtube (from 4:43).


Wow, thanks, Keos! I’m a latecomer to Obsidian, having basically lived in Devonthink for years.

Very flexible, this Obsidian world. Nice stuff!


Shouldn’t this feature should instead be called “Sync Scrolling”?


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