What does it take to make a plugin for obsidian?

Hello to the community,

I am not much into coding, I just know my way around in some basic things. I have made small small codes based on python or C++. Vary basic and crude. I was wondering what skills does it take to create a script or a plugin for Obsidian that could work for my md files?

As far as I can see, I need to learn

  • a programming laguage - python or typescript?
  • working with Regex to identify a pattern?
  • automating or scheduling the script.

Can someone guide me a bit on how to proceed with it? What should I learn - and what to learn first? I am planning to write myself small scripts to automate some of the thing I have in my vault. I don’t plan to learn/code full time, but maybe a few hours in the week as a break from the studies.

Is it possible to learn and implement? I can discuss more of my idea if anyone wants to :slight_smile:


I had read that, but I was more interested in what should a developer learn if one has to make a plugin. More like a discussion or a path or suggestion from people who have already worked with it. :slight_smile:

But now you marked it as resolved. I guess, it is resolved then. I got to check other venues to seek such suggestions, I guess. Thanks :slight_smile:

I recommend posting in their discord group or obsidian subreddit

I reccomend just jumping into it, perhaps looking at the code of other plugins in github. There is no magic secret or path.

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I’m not a developer and I have very little experience with JS, which I guess would be very useful when using Typescript. Before I venture myself into coding my own plugin, I intend to:

  1. Go through some tutorials on this list so that I know what I’m looking at later on.
  2. Look inside Obsidian Sample Plugin
  3. Try to use it as scaffolding for some experiments with logic and text processing.
  4. Make my own plugin from scratch.