What does it mean for a feature request to be "valuable"?

Some forum topics are marked with the “valuable” tag (I have in mind feature requests).

What does this mean?

I see that the tag can only be applied by mods/insiders/devs. So, presumably it means at least one person occupying one of the relevant roles thinks the suggestion is “valuable”. But, I wonder whether there are more precise criteria by which ideas are evaluated for valuableness. For example, a requirement that the idea is:

  • liked by a certain number of mods/insiders/devs
  • agreed to be valuable upon deliberation/discussion by mods/insiders/devs
  • agreed to be valuable based on possessing some qualities overlapping with the vision mods/insiders/devs have agreed they want to pursue

While I’d like to know the answer, I don’t take myself to be entitled to a thorough explanation. Perhaps the tag is there for mods/insiders, and the rest is none of my business. If so, no worries!

There’s nothing else to it. Sorry to disappoint.

I’m not disappointed at all!

Follow-up question: have I given an exhaustive list of the relevant occupations for assigning valuableness, or are there roles I didn’t mention?