What cloud service should I use to sync between iOS and Linux?

I have been using iCloud to sync between iOS and Windows 10 perfectly, but then I started using Ubuntu and it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to mount iCloud as a local drive there.

What are people using for syncing between Linux and iOS?

The other cloud service I use is pcloud which has a Linux client.


I believe your only real option is to use Obsidian Sync. I really wish third party syncing functionality existed on IOS. If you find something else, I’d be curious.

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I second the comments above. Sync was my go to for Syncing between Linux and iOS.

See also

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Yep, looks like Obsidian Sync is the only option I see for now too. In the meta post there is someone going from iOS <> Androis <> Windows using iCloud and Syncthing but Linux would probably require going off of iCloud unless I can mount it locally (didn’t see any easy ways to do this online - I was able to mount a box drive locally in the past)

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