What are you using tags for?

Many people seem to advocate for using links in place of tags. This argument does seem to make sense to me (mainly because links can be turned into Maps of Content later on).

I’m curious, what uses did people find for the tags? What kind of tags do you have in your vault? Which ones do you use most often?

I use Obsidian to track daily work, projects, and atomic notes for things of interest. It’s like two vaults in one. I use tags in three ways:

  1. A default tag of #topic tells me a note was dashed off in a hurry and needs some help.

  2. Tags to mark what something is “about”. When these build up a bit in the graph, I can see where an MOC might be useful. It isn’t always. Tags are bottom up and MOCs are top down.

  3. I use tags to identify the type of content. Is it a #concept? A #principle? A #fact or a #process or a #template? If I can take a #concept and derive ideas all the way until I have process or a template, then I’ve probably mastered that info as well as made actually useful.

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Like austin, I use tags to mark the type of note and sometimes I mark status:

Types: MOC, personal, literature, experiment

Status (mostly for projects/experiments): planned, ongoing, analyzing, accomplished

I also merged notes from Evernote and tagged these with EN.