What are the Fold/Unfold keybinds in vim mode

Things I have tried

Looking at the docs
Searching the forum
Settings → Editor → Check the Fold headings setting
Enable vim mode

What I’m trying to do

Fold/Unfold headings and lists in vim mode
According to some posts on the forum it should work with the default vim binds “zz”, “za” and so on.
However this hasn’t been working for me on a Help Vault

Do these keybinds exist or do I have to set them myself?

Thank you for your time

I can’t remember if standard fold commands worked prior to live preview but I have to map za to toggle fold, etc. using esm7/obsidian-vimrc-support: A plugin for the Obsidian.md note-taking software (github.com).

exmap unfoldall obcommand editor:unfold-all
nmap zR :unfoldall

exmap foldall obcommand editor:fold-all
nmap zM :foldall

exmap foldtoggle obcommand editor:toggle-fold
nmap za :foldtoggle
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Thanks a lot!
However this doesn’t seem to work.

I’ll need to have a look at the vimrc plugin because I don’t think its working properly on my vault with insider build 13.22

I don’t see the vim mode either. Even after full reboot

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