What are the drawbacks of putting all your non-vault files inside your vault folder?

Asking for advice before I do something irreversible.

I currently have a folder structure with a variety of non-.md personal files, like Powerpoints, Docs, executables, ebooks etc. For now my Obsidian vault lives within a sub-subfolder, but it reproduces the folder hierarchy of the whole structure so that it’s easier to get my bearings.

I’m tempted to go all-out to get the structure of the vault and the folders to mirror each other : I would move the vault so that my personal-files root folder would also bethe vault folder, and have the notes be distributed in the exact same folder structure as the other filetypes.

I see a couple potential issues with this and would like to see if I’m missing some :

  • If later I try to separate the vault and personal file folders, would Obsidian know to move only the notes ?
    • What would it do with embeddables like .pdf and .png that were not initially in the vault ?
  • Assuming I go with “don’t show non-vault files”, there’s a risk I would delete a folder that appears empty but contains in fact other filetypes
  • Performance issues ? (My personal folder is 15-20 GB at the moment, my vault is a couple MB)
  • Something else entirely ?
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