What are the best practices for project management at Obsidian?

I’m looking to migrate my system to Obsidian.

For the past two years I have been using Notion and Clickup for project management and personal growth. I stopped using Notion over a year ago because of the slowness, constant crashes/errors and lack of improvements. I decided to use Clickup for its benefits and especially for the automations. However, I’ve had several problems in the last few days, and I’ve realized that I’m not enjoying the experience very much.

I originally wanted to use Obsidian just to manage my knowledge and training, but I’m considering using it for almost everything.

I do several projects (content) per week. My processes are very repetitive. For example: every week I do a data visualization and the distribution of tasks for each day is fixed: search for data, search for references, clean the data, draft designer, visualize and publish. I have a similar process with my daily routines and habits.

But I have some doubts: Is it possible to have a page that includes all the tasks of the day? Is it possible to schedule recurring tasks? What are the best plugins for project/task management?

I have seen many plugin options for project and task management, but I don’t know which are the best options.

I’m not looking to replicate everything that can be done in Notion and Clickup, as I want to simplify many things, but I would like to feel comfortable and optimize my system in Obsidian.


I’m in exactly the same position as you.

It would be great to combine your knowledge database and project management in one place.

I wonder if it is possible though. I’ve never seen this been done effectively in any software. If there was a software that could do it though - it would be obsidian.


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