We're Pieces.app, and we're thrilled to receive feedback and announce our beta release!

Note: We requested and received Mod approval in advance of this post. Thanks to the fantastic Obsidian moderators for their support!

Hi Obsidian friends!

We’re the Pieces Team, an avid group of Obsidian users and enthusiasts of all things ONNX/NETRON. You may have heard of us - we’ve been engaging with this awesome community for a while now, as we’ve iterated on your feedback and suggestions throughout our development process. Powered by this fantastic community, we’ve built a product tailored to you.

We’re here to ask for your thoughts on our (beta) product - Pieces For Obsidian. Installation takes just 2 minutes, instructions are here! (we haven’t made it into the Obsidian community plugins tab… yet!)

Good organization takes a LONG time. Our hypothesis is that by incorporating AI-powered organization into Obsidian, we can save you valuable time wasted on tedious organization, while you continue creating. Pieces can do all the heavy lifting for you!

Pieces was built to save you time by organizing your code snippets, screenshots, related links, and workflow context inside of your favorite knowledge-management software. We’ve made sure to design for compliance with any knowledge management method, including Zettelkasten, without necessitating any particular structure. In other words, Pieces adapts to your vault and your style. This is just the beta release, but if the community thinks it has promise, we’ll make it a full-time project and invest in the feedback provided here.

Privacy-first design:

  • The plugin itself requires no login
  • Pieces and our Obsidian plugin are free, we do not and have not ever sold user data
  • Pieces captures no identifiable user data
  • Local only architecture means your notes never have to leave your device

Potential future plans:

  • In-App Editing of Saved Snippets
  • New Snippet View Options
  • Snippet Suggestions

If you are interested in Obsidian-only updates, join the mailing list here.

Feedback is super important to us - if you think of a way to make it better, add a feature/issue request here.

Thank you all for your support and for letting us be a part of this incredible community. We’re here to address your questions, hear your thoughts, and share our excitement about Pieces For Obsidian!

P.S. Here are a couple of videos showcasing Pieces for Obsidian in action:

Pieces in your Obsidian Workflow

Using Pieces + Obsidian Side-by-Side

And our LIVE product demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO38Z77N3ho

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