Weird tab behavior

I’m not sure whether this should be categorized as “Help” or as a “Bug”. I find the following behavior very strange:

I can drag a note tab to the left-side bar (where we have the File Explorer, Search, Bookmarks, etc.). My original expectation is that, by dragging the note tab to the File Explorer, to a specific folder, it would move the note to that folder. But actually what happens is the note now opens as a “tab” on the side bar, with a note icon, just like the other tools there (File Explorer, Search, etc.). It really feels like this is an oversight and we shouldn’t be able to do that!

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 10.57.43

Is this intentional? Thanks.

Yeah, it’s intentional.

You can drag a note (or Search, Backlinks, etc.) pretty much anywhere you want to create a unique workspace. :sauropod:

CleanShot 2023-08-06 at 17.58.03

Feels like too much customizability.

Maybe someone can point an example where this is actually useful?

The behavior where dragging the note tab to a folder moves the note to that folder would seem more useful to me.

Sure, a note full of links you want to keep handy, a scratch pad, a journal — any non-primary note that you want easy access to. When writing it could be a handy way to keep notes and such at hand but hide them when focusing on the text itself.

I’d like to be able to drag notes to folder too, and it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be why we can’t.

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