Weird PDF exporting for tables and callouts

Hello, I’m reporting something I noticed when exporting notes in PDF, asking if anyone has a fix or knows why it happens.

I customized my vault, I use Minimal theme and have some snippets. I noticed that exporting my notes in PDF lead to grey rectangles appearing behind callouts and tables, thought is was because of my snippets and there was nothing I could do.

However: it doesn’t happen if tables and callouts are before headers. They get exported perfectly, with all the shades and whatnot. You can see what I mean in the screenshots.

I tried shuffling elements around, but the headers seem responsible for the weird export. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

That is weird, for it does not happen in my case when I export to PDF. Everything looks just right.

Maybe it’s from one of your CSS snippets? Or some plugin?

Yes, it’s due to css snippets, because once I turn them off the export looks fine. I was totally fine with things looking messed up since I customised callouts and tables, so it was something… not unexpected. However when I realized that before headers the export is fine I was like: “so it’s possible that the export won’t mess up how things look”, so now I’m in search of an answer.

No headers are mentioned in the snippets, so I don’t understand…

Very interestingly, I found out where the issue was reading an unrelated post about gradient text not exporting correctly, and they came to find out the issue wasn’t the pdf in itself, but rather how the program chosen to open the pdf file displayed it. The problem here appears to be the same: in MacOS 14.1.1 (Sonoma), the program “Preview” (v. 11.0) doesn’t display some elements correcly, while Adobe Acrobat Reader (MacOS, v. 2023.006.20380) does, and also on Google Drive is displayed correctly.

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