Weird login problem (password problem)

Hi guys

From Window 10 / Firefox 91.0.2 / Obsidian 012.15

Want a setup a new account, enter credential, confirm and activate the account and access to the forum…so far…so good.

I like to test my credential and I log out…and…I can’t login again , failed on a wrong username and/or password…

Same problem if I want to login from Obisidan app.

I said ok…it possible that a make an error when a setup my password…so request a new password via email…

Ok got the link, go to the reset password…enter (carefully) again my password…and I can’t , I got the message that it’s my current password…

So from the Obsidian data base my password is good ? why I can’t login ?

I’m lost…

Thank you and have a nice day

forum and main website have two different login.
the email is case sensitive.

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Thanks WhiteNoise for your reply, it’s appreciated,

Yes I double check and it’s working for the forum, all good,

But i’m stiil in confusion , how can I setup a login credential for the website ? I’m looking for the sync service but now I don’t know what to do ?

I selected on account tab (from the website) and setup my credential, but it seem it’s only for the forum ?

Thanks and have a nice day

You enter your account login within the Obsidian interface, not the browser.

Click on the settings gear in lower right and Account. Click Sign Up if you didn’t already create one on the website.

It also sounds like you may have a password remembering issue. If you are using a password system or your browser is doing it, then examine the URLs are make sure you have two different cards for Forum and Account.

Ok thanks guys for your help, I will make a look on this.

Have a nice day

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