Weight search filenames first / separate filename search

Use case or problem

I search most of the time for filenames. Currently search seems weighted to look at content first - with thousands of files it takes an unreasonable amount of time to find a simple file name. (Mostly I’m doing this on mobile - when on PC I use native search functions)

Proposed solution

Either have the search function search in filenames first by default or give an option to choose to behave this way.

An even better option would be to have a separate command “search filenames” so I could use that on its own when I know I’m only looking for a filename.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now the fastest way is to either use a different note app (I use Epsilon Notes as well) or use a separate app (on Android I use AndroSearch)

Related feature requests (optional)

That’s the Quick Switcher — Cmd/Ctrl-O on desktop, or the rectangle with a magnifying glass in it in the left sidebar on desktop & mobile (symbol may differ if not default theme; it’s near the top).

Yes! That’s it, thank you!!

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