Weekyear over 52?

Things I have tried

I want to display some files who have a due-date
sth like “Deadlines in 14 days” in a dataview query,
i used this code:

WHERE due-date.weekyear = (date(today).weekyear +2)
…for the next 14 days

but in case of the current change of year it doesnt seem to work

What I’m trying to do

Well, how should dataview know, that after week 52 comes week 1?
is there a special algorythm or mathematical thing to get this done?

greetings and all the best for the new year!

You can try something like this:

WHERE dateformat(due-date, "yyyy-WW") = dateformat(date(today) + dur(2 weeks), "yyyy-WW")
  • yyyy-WW produce a string with the year and the week of the year. in this way you can associate year and week.
  • date(today) + dur(2 weeks) gives you a date two weeks after today
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Hello again… :wink:

ah, yes
i wondered why i got this:

... - No implementation found for 'number + duration...

but your trick of converting the date into a string outsmarts the thing

thanks again,
always nice here, come all well into the new year!

date(today) + dur(2 weeks), not date(today).weekyear + dur(2 weeks)

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all fine,
the error message came from my scribbling…
your code works ‘null problemo’ :+1:

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