Weekly notes with upcoming events for dummies like me (no fancy stuff)

Obsidian and the great plugins like dataview, templater and stuff can be a bit daunting: I see their potential, but for someone whose only experience with programming/scripting lies back 20 years, when my school offered courses for turbo pascal, it can be very hard to use them. The plugins are great - their documentation is not that beginner-friendly :slight_smile: No insult intended: you plugin-devs are great!

My Intend

What was the problem and how did I solve it?

  • I think the problem was, that there wasnt a straightforward way to convert the weekly-note-title to a usable date format: for daily notes, you can simply use the {{title}}-thingie to feed the title, which is recognized as a date into the date-function and compare with field-values. Since the title of weekly notes is something like “2021-W52”, you cant use the title to simply compare dates and I didnt find any easy way to convert this into a date. Thus, in the thread linked before, some helpful and competent person suggested to use the creation date as a reference - which obviously has the disadvantage that I want to be able to generate my weekly notes at any given time.
  • My workaround: Each weekly note has in the frontmatter now the first day of the week as a date in the format yyyy-mm-dd (as have my daily notes). This is achieved by adding “datum: {{monday:YYYY-MM-DD}}” to the frontmatter. This basically assigns the field “datum” in the note the value of the specific date of the first day of the week in question in the specified format.
  • next task was to have a dataview-thingie in the template that generates the table (or list or whatever you want).
    I only give here the “where-part” (which might cause the hickup for many newbies like me and will then supply an explanation.
    Here is the clause:
    WHERE Datum <= date([[{{title}}]].datum) + dur(1 week) AND Datum > date([[{{title}}]].datum)

My personal hickup was, that I didnt know how I can compare the value of a field in a specific note with the values of the field in other notes. So for my fellow dummies:

  • [[fancy-note]].datum refers to the value of the field “datum” in the note with the title “fancy-note”.
  • “datum” is just my field for dates (I am from Germany).
  • the {{title}} in the template is replaced by the note-title, when a note based on the template is generated.

I guess, many other applications are possible for people like me, who dont want to get into templater-plugin and other stuff right now. I am sure, templater and other plugins offer way more elegant solutions.

Best NGO-Guy


I wonder if this could be adapted to also include something like

…OR #week2

Or alternatively

OR [[week2]]

During a semester I mostly think in weeks, and this way I could tag or link my weeks and have them show up as well!