Weekly note plugin (more recent than Periodic Notes)

Periodic Notes was a great plugin. I used it to create weekly, rather than daily, notes. I preferred daily notes because I’m typically focused on similar work throughout a week, and using one file all week keeps everything easily in view.

Unfortunately, Periodic Notes appears to be done. There are many bugs and it has not been updated in many months (creator Liam Cain put in a lot of work to get close to a new release but seems to have been waylaid. There are 98 open issues on GitHub.

Most significantly, the main command “Periodic Notes: Open weekly note” opens the weekly note for the first year Periodic Notes was used: in week 31 of 2023, the command opens week 31 of 2022 for me.

Is there a more current plug-in than periodic notes / alternative method for creating weekly notes?

For now I am back to manually creating the weekly notes, and appending “(This Week)” to the active week’s file name so I can easily find it with ⌘O.

Do you feel this topic was improperly placed?

  • As a help topic: does a newer plugin exist?
  • As a feature request: Periodic Notes has proven interest in different frequencies than daily for notes; could this feature be added to Daily Notes?
  • As a plug-in idea: someone should do this!

Try GitHub - quanru/obsidian-periodic-para

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