Website for discord-like embeds through iFrames

What are these embeds?
Embeds are a card-like representation of a website’s data, including main image, title, and site type. Their design is based on discord’s embeds, which I think are beautiful, at least better than a plain link.

In what ways are they useful?
I mainly use these iFrames to list websites in my vault‘s home page, but they can be useful for building a dashboard, displaying more information about a website, or having a larger area to click on.


  1. Visit the website (
  2. Scroll down to the iFrame Builder and configure the url, size etc. To update the url and color, click “apply”.
  3. Copy the iframe text block and paste it in an obsidian note.

As said, the project is open-source: The code is on github.

Hope this helps someone.

Please let me know if there are issues