Webpage HTML export and MathJax

What I’m trying to do

I am using the Webpage HTML plugin in order to export some note I wrote to html. It works great except for one problem I encounter: The maths does not get rendered as expected. In particular, the maths font is different to what I have in my editor (see the attached images: Dark is Obsidian, Light is the html).

Any ideas why this is, or even better how to change it?

In case this is helpful info: I am using Extended Mathjax.

Things I have tried

So far I have tried defining different math fonts in the preamble.sty though without any effect (neither in obsidian nor in the export). Other than that I am kind of lost not even knowing where to start tbh :confused:

html_view obsidian_view

You say the font differs from what’s in your editor — does it match Reading View?

nope, reading and editor view match perfectly (actually the screenshot is from the reading view). Also PDF export works as expected. Only the html export differs.

Hello! I am the developer of Webpage HTML Export, if you could submit an issue on GitHub about this that would be great. The plugin is going through a bit of a turbulence right now, but I will be sure to look into this issue as long as I have it logged on GitHub! Thanks!

As far as the cause for this, I don’t do any work to support specific 3rd party plugins. My plugin does not look at the preable.sty because I would have to write code to specifically support that plugin (which I obviously cannot do for 99% of plugins). I actually use Extended Mathjax though and most features of it work. However I don’t think there is any way for me to pull in custom fonts from it without significant work.

When you submit your report, it would be helpful if you could also submit the contents of your preamble.sty, or at least the part where you are defining the fonts.


Cool, thanks for your reply! I was actually planning to do so (only did not yet find the time to). Will do so and also share the preamble!

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