Web Mode & Search/URL Bar for Enhanced Flexibility

An advantageous enhancement would be the incorporation of a Web Mode feature alongside a combined Search and URL Bar.

Web Mode could offer the capability to transform a tab into an interactive web browser. This would allow users to annotate, highlight, and doodle directly on the webpage, with the ability to save these modified webpages as markdown and CSS.

The Search and URL Bar could provide dual functionality, catering to diverse user needs. It could act as a search bar for local content within files or bookmarks. Alternatively, when Web Mode is enabled, it could function as a URL bar for direct internet navigation from the application. Crucially, these functionalities aren’t exclusive, and users could choose to employ both features concurrently for maximum flexibility and efficiency. This ensures that the tool adapts to the user’s workflow, be it offline, online, or a blend of both.

The following projects could be helpful in giving ideas on how to develop this feature: