Web links open within Obsidian rather than chrome window

When opening web links from Obsidian it opens a new Obsidian window rather than a tab within my chrome window, see image.

This means that any links that require authentication or log in do not work or prompt me for log in details when I open them. However, all my passwords are stored via a vault which I cannot access in this Obsidian window. This in effect makes opening links through clicking almost redundant and I have resorted to copy and pasting the url into my Chrome window.

I have tried the OpenLinksWith plug in but this does not solve the issue.

Does not make sense why links would not open in the dedicated app which happens for Firefox. Does not seem to be an issue on Mac where colleagues have been unable to reproduce this issue.

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Same issue, though I wouldn’t say it opens a “new Obsidian window”
For me it opens a new Chrome window with a guest user, which means it lacks all my sessions and settings. And I want any links to open within the browser windows I already have opened.

Moved to graveyard for not following the bug report template.