Web Clipper as PDF to Obsidian

For me the ideal web clipper would simply save the page exactly as it looks – as a PDF (just like Print → Save as PDF would do)… along with metadata like the URL and date retrieved.

This feels like it would be simple, would keep the text searchable, and would copy the website exactly.

Does this exist or would anyone consider making it, please?

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If you are ok with an html file SingleFile is excellent GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension and CLI tool for saving a faithful copy of a complete web page in a single HTML file It also lets you annotate web pages.

You can save it to a subfolder in the browser’s download folder, then symlink that to your vault. I think OmniSearch can index html files.

There is also GitHub - ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox: 🗃 Open source self-hosted web archiving. Takes URLs/browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more...