Web-browsing pane

I’m willing to bet that almost everyone everywhere that works on a computer has a web-browser open and makes frequent visits to it to research things that come up during the course of a working day.

I know I do.

At present, I have to navigate outside of Obsidian to view my web browser and I can’t just grab what I need ad drag it straight into my project…

I’d kill for a web browsing ‘pane’ in Obsidian where users can open their browser of choice (only a pane where it can be viewed - nobody needs to code a browser or anything!)

and a hotkey I can press with my left hand while I drag a box around a clipping on a web page and Obsidian drops a screen capture of my selection right into the note I’m working on.

Why isn’t this a thing?

It’s insane how much this would speed up research tasks.

ex 1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yQQUNaLXTFdA-xdKYLQ5UVGqyzs13TFn/view

ex 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qrGJfeOZ5IrZ94_YLT3USQRa6eLUTglc/view


That is such a good idea. Although I use a lot of extension on my browser and I did think a total switch is desirable. But Being able to open web-pages and specially bookmarking them easily is brilliant. I also like the idea of being able to work with bookmarks of browsers inside Obsidian.

wow, what an idea !! Hope someday we can see this feature in Obsidian.

Hi @blue-moves - There is the 3rd party plugin “Search on internet” which opens up a pane next to your note where you can search either Google or Wikipedia. Also you can add other websites to use for your search.

It’s not a full fledged browser pane -yet- as it doesn’t have an address bar, but you can visit the links Google or Wikipedia finds for you and drag in images and videos and pieces of text.

Looks like this:

There is no back-button, so if you want to search again, you will have to initiate another search, you can assign a hotkey for that. But for me personally, that is cumbersome, so I use the solution below and run Obsidian and Chrome in split-screen mode, side by side.

Maybe you can contact the author of the plugin and ask him if he is willing to try to extend his plugin to do what you would like it to do ? His name is Emil van Krieken. The plugins repository is here.

If you’re on a Mac - just split screens and have both Obsidian and your browser run side by side. Drag and drop works fine this way. Beats having an iframe solution and is, I think, as fast as having a browser pane. You don’t even sacrifice screen space that much. I’m on a tiny MacBook Pro and if I collapse the left and right pane in Obsidian, I have ample space for the note I’m working on. I’s have to do that too, if the browser were in a pane. Because my MacBook screen is just that small.


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