Web API for adding notes?

This may be separate from the sync service, but any plans for a general API, for example: to create new notes? Would be cool send notes into Obsidian from other apps remotely, or fetch notes into other apps.


If you keep your vault on a cloud service, like Dropbox, then it is fairly easy to add notes from anywhere. I can add notes to my vault this way from 1Writer on iOS. It is also possible to open and edit individual notes in other markdown editors, or to run shortcuts or scripts that modify existing notes, etc.


Yes, I agree with @Luhmann on this. It’s already possible to do this without the plugin API.

Also, the API is mostly a local one – you write some JavaScript and runs in Obsidian. Obsidian runs offline, so I believe the plugin should not require network to work.


I suspect @cag might be asking if there would be an api to tie in with the Obsidian sync service, so you could add notes directly to your Obsidian cloud from anywhere.

I think in the general case it would probably be better to use a third party sync service if that’s a concern though. Even if there was an api for it, there is more likely going to be third party support for Dropbox or Google drive than Obsidian


A related request is for a URL scheme.

I think an external API would be helpful for adding notes if I could use my Obsidian settings and plugins (like the zettlekasten plugin).


i understand that since files are all just markdown there is no need for an API to do things like append to a note etc.
but a local API can take data that is easy to obtain from obsidian like fetching a list of notes that are backlinked to a particular note, which notes are linked to a particular note, etc. and also be able to use plugins when there are lots of plugins.

I’d love to be able to do this to create notes based on to-do tasks in other to-do apps, among other things…

I believe @trashhalo’s new plugin solves this request: