We need Obsidian Merch! Can we make this happen?

Hey all! I would love to rep Obsidian with some merch! Specifically thinking stickers and t-shirts specifically/ How can we make this happen?

Someone mentioned Cotton Bureau, which sounds awesome. I am open to help and do some legwork, (or even some design if given permission) if someone can help with the planning and sales part.

Anyone else interested?


I didn’t look too much into this before but I was under the impression that there are various styles of merch funding campaigns. I remember they usually require a minimum order and typically has some kind of kickstarter-like campaigns where people pool orders together and if there’s enough pledge the company does a print run.

Would love to hear more about what options are available out there. I know there’s a lot of interest (I can’t wait to get some swag to wear myself :rofl:)

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@Licat Well, count me in to help if there is enough interest