We can now export markdown files from Readwise

Readwise had a big update today, including a redesign and more importantly the ability to export all of your highlights to markdown files. This could be useful for those who use Readwise to collect highlights and want to easily get these highlights into Obsidian.



This is fantastic! I already sync my Readwise to my Evernote and started considering switching to Obsidian a couple weeks ago. I just imported highlights from 90 books, 38 articles and 55 podcasts. Whole process took 2 minutes.

My next thought is how to automate this so I don’t have to export highlights every week or so.

Thank you for letting us know about the update!

I’m trying to figure out a good workflow for this. I’m also considering moving this out of Evernote into Obsidian.

I see two challenges. The first is that it requires manual export. It does give the option to only export what is new. The second challenge is once I import the markdown files, how will I integrate them into my structure?

I’m thinking about importing what is new to my inbox. Then process each file by adding links and additional highlights, then moving it or tagging it as processed.

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I starter to implement the “import manually method” and I like it. I just cue myself to do it once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday mornings and it’s working well.

Reviewing highlights from the Inbox helps me distill between fleeting notes, simple literature notes and those that have the potential to become evergreen in my vault.

I do import them into my DEVONthink inbox instead of straight into my vault to avoid overloading it with junk.

qq— have you figured out how to change the date time format to YYYY-MM-DD? It seems to always export datetime in the roam format ( eg May 3, 2021)