Way to take cursor back from note body to inline title

In v0.16, despite the newly added inline title being right there at the top of the note, once your cursor is in the note body, you can’t access the inline title again just hitting the “up arrow”.

Use case or problem

Trying to get the cursor back to the inline title from the note body.

Proposed solution

Once on top of the note, having the “up arrow” take the cursor to the inline title (allowing for easy note file renaming)

Current workaround

Didn’t find a workaround with the keyboard, only relying on mouse.

try F2

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Thank you for the workaround! (I use a Mac with a touchbar, so function keys are usually out of sight for me…)

I still think the “up arrow” suggestion is more intuitive, what do you think? Should we keep this open?

you can bind the rename file command to whatever other hotkey you prefer.

Specifically for up. It’s not that easy and it’s likely going to break VIM mode and some other commands.
You can open a FR specifically for that.

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