Way to prompt filling in variables when I generate a note from a template?

Hoping this is the right category. I’m looking for guidance. I want to know if I can generate a note from a template and be prompted to fill in certain variables (like in a pop-up box?).

Example: I have some language I use frequently to generate a letter. Maybe I have “Dear <NAME>,” and I’m going to use <NAME> a few times throughout. I want to fill in the text to replace <NAME> once and have it show up wherever I need it in the letter. Is there a plugin, or group of plugins, that would help me do that?

I’ve started to look at Templater, Quick Add, and others but I’d love to know if I’m even going the right direction before I sink a bunch of time into learning how to use these options.

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Yes, both Templater and QuickAdd can prompt you to fill in variable fields. In either, there are both prompt modals (pop-ups) with blank lines and suggester modals where you pick from a pre-configured set of possibilities. I think QuickAdd offers a couple other modal/pop-up types. Templater is a more-powerful alternative to the core Templates plugin while I think QuickAdd can work on top of either. Both have documentation that is good at explaining some aspects of the plugin and less clear at explaining others, and both have a variety of different people’s examples of using them if you search on GitHub.
Good luck with your letter generation!

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Thank you @scholarInTraining! I think that’s exactly what I needed to know.

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