Way to make "Tabs" within a note

Is there a way to have “tabs” in a note?

I’m trying to make a dashboard that has different sections. Right now, I have every ‘section’ started with a head, so I can use the Folding feature, but what I would like to have is a line of buttons/links where each button shows one section of the note and hides the others. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve been looking at the buttons plugin, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it for this usecase, or does it?

Since you’ve already made Headings, you could use the ‘Outline’ plugin.

It will display a clickable list of all your Headings (in the right sidebar).

That list would be your ‘buttons’. Just click one, and that ‘section’ is displayed.

The ‘Outline’ plugin is in Preferences > ‘Core Plugins’.

It works great :slight_smile:

You could do this very simply without any plugins by just having a heading navigation line under each heading:

# Heading 1
[[#Heading 1]] | [[#Heading 2]]

Some text.

# Heading 2
[[#Heading 1]] | [[#Heading 2]]

Some text.

It won’t hide your other text - to do that you could use the Buttons plugin and some Javascript to show/hide the sections. You can reference the code from this YAML show/hide script for a rough guide on how to do that:

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Ah, that heading is quite useful. Thank you!

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