Way to Link to Files in Dropbox w/o Markdown

I was wondering if there is a way to link to files stored in Dropbox in Obsidian without moving them into your vault, besides using markdown to link to the file location. There are plugins to do so with Zotero and what not, making it easy to search your Zotero library, find the citation, and then link or import data into Obsidian. I thought there might be a way and if not, would anyone else find it useful to use a hotkey to pull up a Dropbox search, type the file name, and then have it link automatically in your Obsidian note so you don’t have to move the actual file into Obsidian.

This is due to a work issue. I like to keep my work files in a specific file structure but also want to reference them and link to them easily in Obsidian. Just thought it would be handy to have some plugin of functionality that allowed this to be possible. Thanks!