Way to embed/list all notes with a tag

I’m a very new user, apologies if this is common knowledge.

As the title, is there a way to generate a list, inside a note, of notes with a specific tag? I can see them all in the Tag or Search panes, but I’m trying to create an index note, and auto-populating with notes based on their tag seems like it would be fastest. I tried “![[#tagname]]” without even thinking which had some… interesting results. Can’t spot in Help. Thanks!

Yep. Use embedded queries.


with a query of e.g., tag:#sometag.


Thank you!

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Is there a way to make it appear in the edit mode? I want to copy the result to somewhere else

The expander plugin…

… and core search features …


… can probably help with that!

On the hidden second part of the question: Is there a way to embed the found documents automatically? e.g. get the content of all notes with tag #quote and have one document with all quotes embedded according to the search result?

I think you’d have to use Dataview for that.