Way to auto-generate new notes titles

This is a big, interesting topic and (potentially) very convenient feature.
Let’s add a way to auto-generate the titles of (specific) notes!

The obvious suggestion: introduce the option in the Preferences to generate note title from the first (or specified) line of the note.

Then, there might be a system for generating the notes using [proposed Variables](Introduce preset/user definable variables system). For example: instead of having just one ‘New note’ command, there should be a command New note (from Template): templates are requested here and here. Templates may use variables.


I came here looking for a way to auto-generate the title of the file (by that I mean adding a “# Some Title” as the first line of the file) by using the filename. However what you are suggesting seems to be a little different?

I agree. After yaml stuff you should add a line, insert “# Some Title” and that becomes the title. No responses?

Coming from Simplenote and also looking for this.